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Do you need a Restaurant or Cafe Software Management App Solution?

Cloudedots  |  Devendra Gohel

Fri Sep 11 2020


40% out of 100% restaurants shut down in less than a year of starting, as per the study with restaurant owners. Not because prices and food but they fail to reach out customers with the ordering system.

Restro365 is an online personalize restaurant management system with all the features you required to manage your restaurant businesses. If you are a big one or a small one it doesn't matter. We provide you right solution to manage the day to day operation, gain and retain the customer with one-stop solutions.

We enable and reduce the gap between you and your restaurant business using the proven technology of our software solutions. Our Restro365 ready-made and customize the solution as per your requirement help you to manage your restaurant/cafe franchise busing easy.


It is easy to manage and explore your restaurant now.

  • Online 365 days Setup
  • Admin Panel
  • Franchise/Branch Management
  • Food Menu
  • Customization
  • GST Enabled
  • Single & Multi-Outlet Support
  • Royalty Setup
  • POS
  • Realtime ordering system
  • Room & Table
  • Customizable
  • KOT
  • Management & Printing
  • Booking/Reservation Setup
  • Update Bill Information
  • Takeaway
  • Ordering


Video Demo

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Top Reasons to Choose Cross-Platform for mobile App Development

Applications  |  Cloudedots

Wed Sep 25 2019

Every enterprise ecosystem has mobile apps. Their business benefits are visible, once they have penetrated a stratum of operations. Experts say demand is outstripping supply. The delivery model has to be scaled up to meet this challenge. This is where cross-platform is chosen for mobile app development.

Reduced Cost App Development

The code developed for one platform can be used for another platform as well.

Availability of better plugins

The integration of plugins speeds up integration. Also, it enables developers to add features to the app by leveraging the features of the device, operating system, and other third party services. A good number of plugins support cross-platform app development frameworks. Leveraging plugin libraries can help in the customization of apps.

Reliable development framework

The cross-platform app development framework is made up of CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and hence can be integrated easily with any native platform. The performance, security, and stability of an App are greatly enhanced by these web elements.

Easy Integration

The linking of the app with back-end databases and applications can enhance collaboration and communication. No matter where such apps/databases are hosted, integration is achieved relatively easily. This makes the way for the centralization of data clear. The symmetrical coding leads to info exchange across all platforms.

Cross-platform development involves a software application/product working well in more than one digital habitat. To sell software for more than one proprietary operating system, such as to accommodate use on both Apple and Android platforms, is this capability pursued. Various types of cross-platform development have emerged, following the proliferation of open platform technologies like Linux, and the development of mobile devices.

Compiling different versions of the same program for different operating systems, or the use of different subtree files to apply/fit the product to different operating systems, are some of the strategies for cross-platform development. Different software environments are accommodated by making the program abstract at certain levels. Software like this is called ‘platform agnostic’ as it does not prefer one platform over the other. Application Programming Interfaces(APIs) can also be used to adjust a piece of software to a certain platform.


A cross-platform development program can make a program less efficient. The various systems it is meant to support may require redundant processes or file storage folders. The dumbing down of a program to support less sophisticated software environments is also a possibility. The developers, however, seem to have decided that, to make apps available to a wider set of consumers, it is worth the trouble to deal with the limitations of cross-platform development.

The holy grail of software building has long been cross-platform development. The building of a codebase once can assist in having an app run on any platform – thanks to cross-platform development tools. What is the sense in building separately/natively for each platform, when you can build only once – an equally deployable app for every platform?

Not only developers are thrilled to build for platforms they are not familiar with, but also the development cost plummets. Thanks to cross-platform development.


Tips to Find the Best Accounting Software for Your Business

Applications  |  Cloudedots

Tue Sep 10 2019

Accounting software is a type of software that enables business owners to manage or to process accounting data accurately. This software does plenty of accounting tasks like accounting transactions, accounts payable, payroll, and trial balance, etc. If you are looking for the best accounting software for your business, you have come to the right place.

In this blog, we are going to tell you what things you need to consider while purchasing the accounting software. So, let’s get started. 

1. Online/Offline

The first thing you need to ask yourself is- whether I need online software or desktop-based offline software? Well, most businesses nowadays are using online accounting software. Because online software offers a lot of advantages over traditional accountant software. Like when you purchase online accounting software, you need to sign up and start processing, and it can be accessed from any internet enables device at any point. These two factors you won’t get in traditional accountant software. So, it is advisable to purchase only online account software.

2. Data Security

If you are going to buy offline accountant software, avoid this point. If you are thinking forward to purchase online accounting software, then data security is the most important factor you need to consider before purchasing the accounting software. Ask the company how they store the application data. Ask them about security measures. 

3. Pay attention to features

Features are the functionality of the accounting software. Before going to purchase accounting software, it is advisable to make a list of essential features that you need in accounting software. Below we have mentioned some feature which must be a part of the expert accounting software. 

 - Create and manage tax. 
 - Perform bank transactions. 
 - Record journal voucher entries. 
 - Manage a list of customers and vendors. 
 - Record payrolls. 
 - View balance sheet, profit, and loss. 
 - Support for the multi-currency transaction. 
 - Categories transaction as per the project. 
 - Access control for every team. 

4. User interface and complexity

Many business owners are familiar with the accounting system. As an owner, you should able to know how to run the accounting software. If your software is stuffed with complex features, it is very difficult for you to access it. So, always purchase the GST accounting software which has a simple user interface and is not bloated with unnecessary complex features. The responsive and clean interface enables you to access software effortlessly. 

5. Scalability

Many business owners make a mistake when it comes to buying accounting software. And that mistake is purchasing software without realizing our needs. So, select the accounting software which can scale with your business needs. Before buying software, it is essential to know what critical requirements for you as a business and what are nice to have. 

When a business owner invests in the software, which means he wants to grow his business in the right direction. The return of investment you will get from the software is remarkable. Because your business financial transactions are safe and accurate and which is hard to achieve in a business organization.

So, if you are looking for an expert accounting system, get in touch with us. Our cloud-based accounting system comes with exclusive features and a user-friendly interface.  


Cloudedots Secures a Prominent Position Among Top Artificial Intelligence Companies in the USA at GoodFirms

Artificial Intelligence (AI)  |  Cloudedots

Tue Sep 10 2019

Excellent Artificial Intelligence services by Cloudedots wins GoodFirms recognition and rank among the top artificial intelligence companies in the United States. GoodFirms has also appreciated the company for its IoT and app development services.

About Cloudedots
Cloudedots is an IT firm that helps startups, small businesses, entrepreneurs, agencies, and enterprises by turning their idea of app development into reality by utilizing IoT, AI, and cross-platform app solutions.

The developers at the company plan, develop, test, deploy, monitor, and secure the client’s idea and process them for digital transformation.

Cloudedots functions with the principle of transforming learning pattern of education to an advanced pattern with the help of IoT, AI, and Apps, which makes learning effortless.

GoodFirms Research Methodology
GoodFirms is a well-settled analysis and review portal that encourages IT service seekers to choose the best services. The panel of researchers and analysts at the company work effectively towards analyzing the enlisted companies based on their market penetration, client satisfaction, and total experience gained over the years in the field. The research analysis at the company takes effect based on three crucial parameters, which are Quality, Reliability, and Ability. GoodFirms ranks the companies which undergo these analyses and enlists them in their respective categories.

GoodFirms also analyzed Clodedots and found the company to be prominent in providing artificial intelligence, internet of things, and app development services to their clients.

Acknowledged by GoodFirms
Cloudedots help their clients to build their own customized AI, IoT, and cross-platform apps solutions and provide them with great solutions that aid the clients to boost their businesses.

1) Artificial Intelligence
Cloudedots provides artificial intelligence solutions to clients who prefer to process automation and resource optimization using AI.

The team of dedicated unconventional thinkers at the company and innovators continuously work towards achieving an industrial revolution by focusing on transpire technologies. This revolution by Cloudedots has helped the company to be known among the top artificial intelligence companies in the United States at GoodFirms.

The team of experts at the company help their clients by providing them with the right solutions that can help them create and execute a successful learning algorithm which they can further implement into their businesses.

Cloudedots assists their clients in computer vision, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and Bot development areas as a process on the implementation of artificial intelligence.

The core team of experts at the company efficiently works towards providing AI services that are accurate and user-friendly.

2) IoT Development
Cloudedots provides their clients with the foreseen technology in IoT development and helps them escalate their businesses in such a fashion that it provides easy access to the next generation. 

The company holds expertise in connecting things, people, and cloud, which has helped Cloudedots to be superior among the top IoT app development companies in Ahmedabad.

The team of experts at Cloudedots helps their clients in creating and executing a successful IoT strategy at any stage of their app development process and also implement the appropriate solutions to frame the client’s business.

Cloudedots is a perfect solution if the client is seeking help in developing their IoT products and applications.

The team of developers at the company has the core knowledge and extensive experience in the industry in providing IoT solutions to their clients which helps them connect with board design, embedded software, and agile cloud-based platform.

3) App Development
The team of developers at Cloudedots develops solutions to fix the IT problems faced by their clients and provides them with the best cross-platform environment to run their application in all operating systems.

The team of developers at Cloudedots works intending to turn the client’s idea into cross-platform apps. The team processes utilize and invent cross-platform apps for mobile, web, desktop, which helps their clients to engage with their services.

Cloudedots provide their clients with the best digital transformation of their businesses by proffering them with prosperous technology in app development, which has helped the company to develop an engaging relationship with their clients.

Cloudedots has expertise and experience in all major industries in creating a software system that provides an enduring competitive advantage to its clients. This passionate proffering by the company has seized the attention of GoodFirms, and the company will soon facilitate Cloudedots among the top app development companies in India.

About GoodFirms
Washington, D.C. based GoodFirms is a maverick B2B research and reviews firm that aligns its efforts in finding the top IoT, mobile app development, and mobile app designing companies delivering unparalleled services to its clients. GoodFirms’ extensive research process ranks the companies, boosts their online reputation and helps service seekers pick the right technology partner that meets their business needs.

Anna Stark is presently working as a Content Writer with GoodFirms – Washington D.C. based B2B Research Company, which bridges the gap between service seekers and service providers. Anna’s current role lingers in her to shape every company’s performance and key attributes into words. She firmly believes in the magic of words and equips new strategies that work, always in with ideas, something new to carve, and something original to decorate the firm’s identity.


Artificial Intelligence benefits in healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI)  |  Cloudedots

Tue Sep 10 2019

Next-generation technology called artificial intelligence (AI) will adjust healthcare and supply access to care in any setting. It will own an unbelievable collision on healthcare.

AI is at hand in various features of healthcare but so far, it’s just a tip of an iceberg. The bang is just about to happen in the coming years but even now, in its early steps, it does already impact the industry.

How healthcare companies increased the uses of AI? Let’s have a look at it.

Keep your patience remaining to know How Robot will operate medical devices very pretty than Human. 

Shall we Start? Yes! So Let’s Walk in the land of health Firms for the next few precious minutes to digest the astonishing truth of AI.

We know you’re thinking that Human can do all that, What makes a machine better than us? Well, right now, AI isn’t inevitably better, but it’s like that immoderate gifted kid in school who everyone knows is headed for special things.

Management activities include as long as support & services for rate, risk management, and market research.

R&D: Drug discovery, gene analytics, and editing differentiate device and drug fruitfulness.

Imaging & Diagnostics: Early diagnosis enabled via advanced imaging and machine learning techniques, medical imaging insights.

Patient Care: Patient data analytics, real time prioritization and triage, assisted or automated diagnosis & prescription, personalized medications and care, pregnancy management.

AI-Based development in Healthcare Firms: 

Well, many people start to believe that Artificial Intelligence will replace doctors along with the entire medical staff in the near future.

For example:

  • 3D Printing
  • Robot-Assisted Surgery
  • Diagnosing Software
  • Virtual Nursing Assistants

these are the exact innovations that browbeat to replace medical professionals with AI.


For now, 3D printing is still mainly used for orthopedic procedures, however, its ability to remove boundaries one by one and people already possess the ability to print functional replicas of human tissues and organs using living cells. 

By using 3D printing in combination with Artificial Intelligence programming, we can print such parts of the human body as
Prosthetic parts, Bones, Heart valves, Synthetic skin, Cranium, replacement, and Organs.


Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Applications  |  Cloudedots

Wed Jun 19 2019

If you don't like to walk through roads then let’s have a walk on Cloud with your destiny Dots(Goal).

Nowadays the procedure of mobile application development over the world faces one common problem, which is choosing the right platform for the development of the mobile application right?

As we know, There are many options for mobile apps, the best is maybe cross-platform mobile app development.

In the current competitive world, one cannot stick to a single platform, As we know that mobile apps are working on many platforms and it has become the demand of the present-day era.


Cloudedots is a software development company that helps small businesses to the fast-growing company by building cross-platform apps. we want to turn your idea into reality. 

Cloudedots come into existence to grow other business models of a long-established development firm, to add more value to us and their clients. 

We have in this business for the last few years but The head of Cloudedots have good expertise in this field from many years. we can proudly say that we have grown our client base because of the relentless drive to meet clients expectations.


  • Internet of Things Solution
  • Artificial Intelligence Solution
  • Cross-Platform Apps

How we perform?

  1. Listen: We are adept at communicating with the client as we listen to the problems and give them a peaceful solution.
  2. Think: We contemplate about your needs and bring you a notional solution to you. 
  3. Build: We build highly affordable apps by applying modern design principles with the latest in the cloud.
  4. Deliver: Throughout the whole process, we have been patient and willing to give the focus required to achieve your vision. 

Our Clients have continued to provide us with positive praise. Below are some excerpts from our most recent reviews.

We took a very collaborative approach, they would come up with a smart solution, Made really helped us transform the business in the digital space.

Smart and get the requirements quickly ...finalize his work .. price is very affordable and reasonable … you tend to feel that his main focus is not money but more quality of his work and client satisfaction.

I get almost instant feedback to my comments, questions and new requirements as Cloudedots delivers work on time with a pleasing solution and yes the team has customer friendly nature which always leads the best satisfaction for us. It is a pleasure to work with you guys.

When I want professional work with more options for customization, I always use designs from CLOUDEDOTS. Their support is unrivaled. Choosing Cloudedots means to meet your actual expectation, Best services with quick response and most importantly open to custom design.

We deliver Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, and Cross-platform mobile, web, software app development solution in the industry. We want to make this data available to as many people as possible.


An Idea of Thriving with IoT solutions

Internet of Things (IoT)  |  Cloudedots

Mon Jun 10 2019

IoT or internet of thing these days we quite often tune in to this term. So what is it?

Internet of Things(IoT) technology is handy for a broad range of industries and organization. IoT basically connects the physical planet to the internet As millions of physical apparatus are connected to the internet through this forum.

Internet of things (IoT) is a system of interwoven computing devices, automatic and digital machines, objects or mankind that are provided with clear-cut identifiers and potential to shift data over the network. Therefore IoT technology is often called “Intelligent System of Complex”.

The Cloud is the only limit! Hence we all are familiar with this right? But there is no place or space that IOT cannot be unused. As we can fill in our daily lives, everything can be made smarter.

IoT has a lot of width and likelihood. The only pasture that has shown some betterment is Industrial and Home automation. Fields like Biomedical, Security, Smart cities, etc. Are still in development and research stage.

Everyone, from consumers to corporates, cuddles the amend brought by the revolution called the Internet of Things (IoT). It has turned the world in spare ways than we could imagine until a few years back.

In the near future, we all will be confused to choose our Better Half or IOT. This may be a boon or a bane.

As we know The kitchen has often been called “the heart of the home” right? Yes! But it's also necessary to have a lady(better half) in the kitchen who serve you coffee for your cocky and Grilled Cheese Sandwich as a courtesy or Love.

So we just wanna convey you that from now onwards IOT devices will take charge of your better half as IoT will not look to your love isn't it?

The manufacturing industry is making use of smart gizmo to improve the overall manufacturing process and to produce superior goods. IoT has something to offer to everyone, it has completely changed the way we used to do business, socialize and have gratification.


  1. Communication & Media: IOT can help the media industry to fulfill the user needs
    Perks: By smart wearable, Advertisers would be able to unlock data, and Tracking of data would be easier. 
  2. Utility Industries: A lot of investment has been done in the area of IOT department. 
    Perks: Monitoring the power generating plants, and Smart grid.
  3. Healthcare: Many diseases can be diagnosed at their earliest stage by IOT.

IoT Showcase:

RYG Desk (Three-light) Nameplates: It's a device that shows the real-time performance of your team, Light turns green if your team achieved the desired Goal and if not then it will turn red.

To know more about:

Powerboard Circle: Powerboard Circle is an exclusive designed IoT board in its section.

To know more about:

So encourage your IoT journey with CLOUDEDOTS and let us connect the dots to create the perfect IoT strategy required for your business to reach dots to pull ahead of your competitors.


How Mobile App Can Benefit Your Business

Applications  |  Cloudedots

Thu Jun 06 2019

Do you want to slick your business behavior and swell efficiency? Yes! than personalized application might be the precise answer or nice choice to your problem.

Why do I need a Mobile App If I already have a website? That’s the first question you knock in your mind as a smart business owner. Yes, exactly your question is right but we told you, how it will be more beneficial with a mobile app.

This is the era of smartphones right? So we know that Maximum time of our customer is used up on a smartphone. So, why you don't want to be there? we mean It's just like seize the day.

Uses of mobile apps have spring up boom. Why not your business drew on this opportunity? A business desire can be achieved even without a website. 

Now you raise questions like I am not a big brand. I don’t need a mobile app right? So we still like to suggest mobile apps for your business what if it's the size of small or large because that is not the truth in this era and age. Why ? under the right things, a mobile app can benefit a business notably.

"We make too, jargon, right? don't worry, here are some things you would love it."

What you can do with mobile apps?

  • Easily promote your business to the mobile crowd.
  • Earn via your app using various forge techniques.
  • Reach to more people easily.
  • Display your products and services uniquely.
  • Get only targeted users.

Why should I spend money and time in developing a mobile app? Yes, you are right at your place and even we believe that Time is the money so wasting time is equal to money.

But mobile apps have become pivotal for any business's growth nowadays, so there's no doubt that using mobile apps right?

Because all the customers are using mobile applications and this reason has created a big market for the field of mobile applications all over the world and we would like to add one more thing that statistics app report shows that since 2015, 85% businesses use a mobile app to increase their revenue.

So are you still think that it's a waste of time and money?

Well, we damn sure you were shocked when you gone through these case studies.

  1. Mobile apps are expected to generate $189 billion in revenue by 2020.
  2. Apple app store has 2.2 million apps available for download.
  3. Google play store has 2.8 million apps available for download.
  4. 21% of Millennials open an app 50+ times per day.
  5. 49% of people open an app 11+ times each day.
  6. 57% of all digital media usage comes from mobile apps.
  7. The average smartphone owner uses 30 apps each month.

This is why it is the best time to invest in a mobile app!

Advantage businesses can aid in using mobile app development.

  1. Enormous chance to grow business
  2. Increase your visibility
  3. Stand out from the crowd
  4. Connect you with on-the-go consumers
  5. Stand out from your competition
  6. Inform users of new products and offers

Have you ever thought about the situation when everyone around you is clap? I mean  "CLAP" for "APP".


Empower with Powerboard Circle v1.0 (An IoT Board)

Internet of Things (IoT)  |  Cloudedots

Fri May 24 2019

Can a car talk to a place of residence? Yes, In the future your car might tell your house that you are 10 miles away and please set on the lights and warm up the house.

Why we're telling you such things suddenly you might be thought inside right? but this is the example of an idea called the “Internet of Things” or IoT.

There is no doubt that there is a great fuss about IoT in the world because of its execution and interests. The majority of the folk now know exactly what it is, how it can solve business problems or the value addition it offers.

So we have added one more thing to increase their excitement level and also contribute to the IoT industry so we are happy to ask you that Are you still awake with your eagerness to do things with IoT?

The next big thing in IoT that what we contribute to the world is the Power Board Circle v1.0, which is easy to place anywhere. The foremost important thing is to create awareness among all the people about IoT and its large plate applications.

Powerboard Circle v1.0 is an exclusive designed IoT board in its section. It provides tremendous performance within its superior design. Easy to use, just plug it with your sensors, circuits, boards, controllers, projects and play with your Gadget.

Heart of Powerboard Circle v1.0 is an ESP8266 WIFI microcontroller that has clocked ESP8266, 2.4 GHz, 80 MHZ at 3.3V logic with a 32-bit processor. ESP8266 also integrates an enhanced version of Tensilica’s L106 Diamond series 32-bit processor, on-chip SRAM besides the WIFI functionalities. 

ESP8266 is often integrated with the external sensor and other application-specific devices through its GPIOs.

You can program the microcontroller using the Arduino IDE. It is very easy and lightweight. Cloudedots team has wired up a USB-Serial chip that can upload code at a blistering 921600 baud for faster development. It has auto-reset so you no need to nodding with pins and pressing the reset button.

At the user's hand if we think then first we thought about the size of any product as its most utmost thing right? So size is the first beauty of our Powerboard Circle. It is thinner, lighter and compact for big things. 

It has a new standard for portable microcontroller devices with a built-in WIFI module. We have designed & developed in a way that will help you to use it in a small place and with the concept of a user, they get high outcomes from it.

There is barely any industry left that is not crazed by the occult of IoT devices right?. Every industry has gained tremendously from IoT device and that’s why our Powerboard Circle does not pull away from the same.

Benefits of Powerboard Circle v1.0 in the industry are in Home Automation, Wireless Control Systems, Home Appliances and in the Digital World also like in Toys & Gaming Apps, IoT Applications and much more use like Weather Station and Security ID Tags.

Click here on the link to know more about IoT product, portfolio or connect with the team.


Are you Falling from Cloud? Wait.. Wait.. Cloudedots is ready to rise you

Applications  |  Cloudedots

Sat May 18 2019

Cloud?  So easy?  Produce rain and snowfall exactly you were right but it is something more than this in the digital world as a Cloud is the most hum-creating technology, and today it can attract anyone's attention like cloud rain and snowfall right?

So let's fall in the world of cloud application where we may feel it's modern magic through technology speaking. cloud is not magic but it can sometimes act as a magic spirit. It is like when anyone asks genie about their wish, all they want to care for whether their wish will be granted or not right? 

No one heed about the action behind manage the request. In a lot of ways, it is just like cloud computing. Nowadays cloud computing is one of the pretty trends and technologies which attracts IT founder and entrepreneurs of all levels by uncovering its remarkable edge.

Cloud computing supplies triumph opportunities for businesses. Members of these businesses see the worth in their lives and think, Why they can’t have these same types of benefits at their firm?

By using cloud computing system small-scale companies can get access to technologies and services in the market. 

Those were only convenient for the biggest firms nearly some years ago. So cloud has the vast potential available and pretty pricing models certainly making anyone ask for wish they want.

The significance of cloud computing:

Honing Analytics: the companies can integrate information from multiple sources by using cloud computing for the firm. This Data analysis helps to figure out the situation greater accordingly take a consistent decision that best suits the future of business. 

Efficiency: Cloud computing for a business guide to increased efficiency; services are rapidly installed and set for use in minutes.

The technology at the back of cloud computing is really just about allowing users to access information on their computers via a remote data center or from a hosting environment somewhere else.



Industry 4.0 - A Journey of Automation

Internet of Things (IoT)  |  Cloudedots

Wed May 15 2019

Industry 4.0 is based on the cyber-physical variation of machining and manufacturing.

The current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies is known as an Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0, got its name from the 2011 initiative, led by businessmen, politicians, and scientists, who identified it as a means of increasing the competitiveness of the German manufacturing industry through enhanced integration of cyber-physical systems into the factory processes.

Industry 4.0 Revolution

The First Industrial Revolution (1.0) - 18th Century
That's when steam power was contrived and was being familiarized in the factory system.

The Second Industrial Revolution (2.0) - 19th Century
Development of Electricity: That’s when popular Thomas Alva Edison's the electric light bulb was invented.

The Third Industrial Revolution (3.0) - 20th Century
Well Thank God, I mean we finally have computers in our lives! Basically, that’s what the third industrial revolution.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4.0)- Nowadays
Mechanization, which means decrease human influence in most of the industrial processes.

The industry 4.0 is friendly relevant to cybersecurity while the deployment of cloud, data, analytics, mobility have helped the business gain significant insights and improve the services offered.

Putting cybersecurity at the heart of an organization's plan will assist maintain and even enhance the trust of consumers.

The sprout growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), As the origin of Industry 4.0 is in vision. And we know the concern of security is more while using any devices that's why we use smarter devices and it quite difficult to track and manage all of these devices. Industry 4.0 is moving quickly to address these concerns.

As we know most of the manufacturer is a focus for cloud-based solutions like sensors and devices that communicate with the internet and provide them real-time activities happening throughout their production lines.

The list of benefits of Industry 4.0:

  • Improved Productivity 
  • Efficiency
  • Flexibility and Agility 
  • Customer Experience 
  • Reduced Costs
  • Higher Revenues

The right time to choose Industry 4.0 totally depends on a few factors like the right investment in skills and pieces of training and yes, the availability of advanced machines for easy implementation will all affect the pace of espousal.

You are surprised when you get to know that some of the Industry can take benefits from the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4.0) and Here it is...

  • Automobile Industries
  • Digital Industries
  • Enhance Safety
  • Quality Control
  • Smart Packaging
  • Smart Metering

Steve Jobs said that a lot of companies have chosen to downsize, and maybe that was the right thing for them. But we chose a different path and that is our belief. It was that If we kept putting great products in front of customers, they would continue to open their wallets.

In the last, we know the question for all, customer value always comes before the pick of any technical solution like Industry 4.0. 

Technology comes and goes but the pursuit for ultimate value residue.


We are the one who turn your tech-idea into reality

Cloudedots  |  Cloudedots

Wed May 08 2019

Wondering! when you get to know that we do our work in a very apparent manner to release your stress, So why are you still waiting? We want to take you far from your daily strain by building mobile, web and software applications. 

We provide tremendous services in the area of cross-platform and native Mobile, Web, Software Application, UI/UX,Internet of Things(IoT), Artificial Intelligence(AI), 3D printing, IT Consulting and Research solutions company since last few years.

Our focus is to deliver the services and solutions in the area of Digital Transportations, Education, Bank, Sales, Retail, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Finance, and Research & Development Organization with high tech technology to ease your business process and transform it into digitally that share your data to reach to as many people as possible.

Why do we say it’s easy if you do it smartly? So CLOUDEDOTS has its own strategy to treat each dots of Cloudedots in such a way that it produces an awesome result with passion and dedication.

The process we do follow is first we understand the problems by listening to the client to provide what they need by giving a zestful solution. We believe in listening rather than wasting time in arguing and that is the convincing reason clients wish to work with us. 

We are glad that we have passionate designers, developers, and QA in-house that help you solve your problems with developing cutting-edge software apps that make a big impact on your business.

Idea into reality
You must be heard that reality is perception it can't be settled but we have a team of brainstorm people who can settle your dots (idea) in the cloud (execution) That's why we are CLOUDEDOTS. 

Shall we start?
Let's overcome your stress by rewarding you with the use of our trending technologies and gain your profit by showing your presence in the industry. contact us

Let's fall rain of exemplary apps in the land of infinite technologies as we all know rain can’t fall without clouds right? So choose the right cloud for your rainfall.


Why Cross-Platform Mobile App Development?

Applications  |  Cloudedots

Tue May 07 2019

In the last few years, the concept of cross-platform mobile app development has taken up in a big way. It allows the developer to write the code once and deploy it across all platforms like Android, iOS or Windows. Here are some of the advantages of developing cross-platform apps.

As a business owner, you would want to have a mobile application which is adaptable on various platforms so people can use it on the go, wherever they go.

Pros of cross-platform mobile app development:

1. Codes Can Be Reused
Instead of writing fresh codes for every platform, developers can reuse the same code across all platforms. This also cuts down on repetitive tasks, thus eliminating drudgery. This is not a completely new concept though. It has been used in software development for a number of years now and the benefits of reusing codes have been seen here too.

2. Controls Cost
Thanks to cross-platform app development, companies now need to invest just once to get their app developed as opposed to earlier times when they had to spend heavily on different tools and technologies. They no longer need to spend on developing apps for every individual platform separately.

For app developers too, the same team can be used to work on diverse platforms.

3. Quicker Development Time
App development is much faster when a single script is deployed. Increased development speed, on the other hand, results in the product reaching the market sooner than before. Time can be spent on thinking out and working on codes for a brand new application. A win-win situation for all concerned –developers, marketers and consumers.

4. Easier Implementation
There are a number of technologies, these days, like Ionic Framework, React Native, NativeScript, Flutter, Apache Cordova, And PhoneGap, offering a cross-platform framework that makes it easier for developers to run, build and deploy for all platform. For instance, when a tool like Appcelerator is being used, codes can easily be written in HTML5 and converted for different platforms. In other words, utilization of resources you already know about and translating them for different platforms.

Not only does this make the development of apps quicker, but it also becomes easier to sync updates across all mobile devices.

5. Sameness and Uniformity
Using cross-platform app development ensures that the overall look of the app can be maintained across all platforms since the same set of codes are being utilized. Customers find an app cumbersome and inefficient if they need to use different methodologies for accessing the same app across different mobile phones. They would rather use one that looks and feels the same on both devices.

To know more about their cross-platform app development process check out their portfolio or connect with the team.


What are the benefits of the Internet of Things for consumers?

Internet of Things (IoT)  |  Cloudedots

Sun May 05 2019

In continuation of our last blog IOT - Next Industrial Revolution, now let us see how the consumer or end-user will get benefited.

Consumers have plenty of benefits to look forward to, according to Consumers International, a world federation of consumer groups with 240 member organizations in 120 countries. Here’s a condensed look at the 10 IoT consumer benefits they see coming:

1. Responsive services: With more information coming from more sources, services can observe, learn, anticipate and respond to individual needs.

2. Shorter feedback loops: Companies can quickly learn about consumer experiences with products or services, identify faults and adjust.

3. Convenience: Saving time and money by automating tasks such as reading energy meters or checking expiration dates of food and medicines. Interconnections between devices and aggregation of information could eliminate some of the complexity that consumers now negotiate themselves.

4. Enhanced experiences: The idea that consumer activities such as cooking could be enhanced by IoT technology, by linking ingredients to recipe suggestions, much like reading on an e-reader enables instant access to dictionaries.

5. Efficiency gains passed on: Potential for efficiency gains as realized by business to be passed onto customers. Lower barriers to entry as technology and data costs get lower could offer opportunities for new entrants.

6. Increased insight into behavior: Assumptions made about habits, like how much you might walk or sleep, the amount of time spent on particular tasks can be more accurately understood and services related to these will no longer have to rely on assumptions.

7. Decision-making support: Consumers will be able to act on this knowledge themselves and make the best match with offers on the market.

8. Solving offline safety and security issues: Many methods to secure valuables have weaknesses that can be mitigated to a certain extent by IoT technology. Digital keys can limit or allow access, for example, and lost objects can be tracked and found.

9. Verify behavior or events: Billing for supplies like energy or water could become much more accurate using real-time information. Consumer benefits would include much simpler verification processes for products, leading to increased confidence.

10. Remote control: Able to exert control over a home or other appliances while not physically there, such as by checking security systems or granting access to approved parties to switch lights or heating on or off.

The IoT promises to make our environment -- our homes and offices and vehicles -- smarter, more measurable, and chatter. Smart speakers like Amazon's Echo and Google Home make it easier to play music, set timers or get information. Home security systems make it easier to monitor what's going on inside and outside or to see and talk to visitors.

Meanwhile, smart thermostats can help us heat our homes before we arrive back, and smart lightbulbs can make it look like we're home even when we're out.


IoT - The Next Industrial Revolution

Internet of Things (IoT)  |  Cloudedots

Sat May 04 2019

IoT is the next wave of the industrial revolution crucial to government, businesses, and consumers. Transforming all sectors including Automation, Education, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Energy and Utilities, Healthcare, Home Automation, Infrastructure, etc. 

Some fact on IoT Global as stated below (Source: Internet):

  • IoT market will grow from an installed base of 15.4 billion devices in 2015 to 30.7 billion devices in 2020 and 75.4 billion devices in 2025.
  • Global spending on IoT technology-based products and services by enterprises is predicted to reach $120 billion in 2016, growing to $253 billion in 2021, attaining a 16% CAGR.
  • IoT Technology Services spending alone is expected to grow at 17% CAGR in the next five years to reach $143 billion in 2021.
  • Industrial IoT will add $10 to $15 trillion to global GDP in the next 20 years.
  • By 2020, the number of Internet-connected things will reach or even exceed 50 billion.
  • By 2020, annual revenue could exceed $470 billion for the IoT vendors selling the hardware, software and comprehensive solutions.
  • The IoT technology is estimated to have a total economic impact of up to $11 trillion by 2025.
  • Machine-to-Machine (M2M) connections will grow from 5 billion at the beginning of this year to 27 billion by 2024.
  • IoT could generate $4.6 trillion over the next ten years for the public sector, and $14.4 trillion for the private sector.
  • Wearable tech market to be worth $34 Billion by 2020. Wearables shipments to reach 213.6 million units worldwide in 2020 with watches and wristbands driving volume.
  • By 2020, a quarter of a billion vehicles will be connected to the Internet, giving a completely new possibility for in-vehicle services and automated driving.

As we can conclude from the above points that IoT is the next industrial revolution which will directly or indirectly affect all, irrespective of nature and size of business.

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