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Sr No. Position Experience Salary (Monthly)
1 Project Manager 6+ Yrs ₹70K to ₹1.5 Lakh
2 Team Lead 5+ Yrs ₹50K to ₹1 Lakh
3 Sr. Software Engineer 3+ Yrs ₹30K to ₹80K
4 Sr. Full-Stack Developer 3+ Yrs ₹35K to ₹80K
5 Software QA Manager 3.5+ Yrs ₹35K to ₹60K
6 Sr. Software Tester 2+ Yrs ₹25K to ₹60K
7 Jr. Software Tester 1.5+ Yrs ₹18K to ₹30K
8 Business Development Manager 4+ Yrs ₹35K to ₹60K
9 Sr. BDE 3.5+ Yrs ₹30K to ₹60K
10 Jr. BDE 1.5+ Yrs ₹18K to ₹30K
11 Sr. Product & Service Marketing Executive 3+ Yrs ₹22K to ₹60K
12 Jr. Product & Service Marketing Executive 1.5+ Yrs ₹18K to ₹30K
13 SEO Specialist 1.5+ Yrs ₹22K to ₹30K

Why Us

Why should you join us?

We are a dynamic and innovative organization, who is always ready to take challenges in any form and resolve them efficiently with the help of our advanced knowledge and experience.

Are you passionate and dedicated to create innovative things with us? then we are committed to offer you an stunning environment where you are free to express yourself, to enhance your knowledge and enjoy everyday work with our marvelous dots.

Our Team
  • Multidimensional Development Opportunities
  • Work Maintenance Assistance
  • Competitive Compensation as per the IT market
  • Employee Friendly Environment
  • Positive Atmosphere and Culture
  • Assured Career Growth
  • Excellent Team Work
  • Empowering Yourself

Benefints & Perks

Whatever we do, we do it right, together.

Employee Recognition

We measure your tasks and skills then we evaluate all parameters to recognise you to the next up level.

stress free environment
Stress-free Environment

We render work environment where everyone can grow and spread positivity in life and work.

long term bonding
Learning & mentorship

We cherish work environment where everyone can grow and spread positiveness in life and work.

team building activities
Team building Activities

We are concerned about our team’s growth. Hence, we encourage growth as a team. We have attached and shaped beautiful activities that can help you produce great results.

exponential growth
Exponential growth

We encourage our dots to work, learn, explore, and share in an environment which can deliver the best results. Are you ready to do the same? We extensively empower our dots.

long term bonding
Long term Bonding

We are not here for a while but for a long time. Are you planning to join us? You will get more benefits than you ever thought. We encourage the right dots of Cloudedots.

standard eveluation
Standard evaluation

Our heads measure your skills and abilities carefully on a weekly and monthly basis to make you grow steadily.

free food and snacks
Free food and snacks

We celebrate every victory, small or big with fun filled activities as well as food and snacks.

relaxed dresscode
Relaxed dress code

We have a simple and comfortable dress code which will keep you at ease when you work.

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