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Client words

“We demanded an intensively diversified app solution that had never seen before on any e-commerce platform. Cloudedots created this app from scratch and made it to the heights of our thinking and needs. It is our best decision to collaborate hands with Cloudedots for us to turn our ideas into reality. ”

- Mayank Devvanshi
(Owner, Devvanshi Thread House)


Android, Web


Angular, NodeJS, Ionic, MongoDB,
DigitalOcean, Android, Chrome

How Did Devvanshi Pursue his Business by Trusting Cloudedots E-Commerce App Development Solutions?



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They are dealing with retailers, wholesalers and suppliers in Varanasi. We had received a call from Mayank Devvanshi on 15th June 2020. He is the owner of Devvanshi Thread House. They are running their business in Uttar Pradesh. Now, He had decided a great aim to expand his business to PAN India with the help of an online e-store.

Primarily, they were doing overall transactional processes manually, so it was hard for them to track products, stocks and orders. They wanted to expand their business in other states of India but it was hard for them to manage daily operations of sales, inventory, 10,000+ product assortment with their manual processes. We gathered requirement, analysed and provided a unique customised eCommerce e-store platform that can transform their business online.

Manufacturer industry of white crane, needle, industrial sewing thread, white sewing thread, elastic, buttons and other relevant products.

Case Study
  1. Uniquely Design E-commerce

  2. User Mobile Apps

  3. User Management

  4. App Lock / Unlock features

  5. Brand Management

  6. Product Management

  7. Assortment Management

  8. Delivery Management

  9. Notification (SMS, Email, and WhatsApp)

  10. Language Option (Hindi & English)

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the Purpose of Online E-Store Apps


Devvnashi Thread House is dealing with white crane, needle, industrial sewing thread, white sewing thread, elastic, buttons and other relevant products which are almost 335+ and has many assortments of the same product. So, it is hard for them to track each item.

They discussed their offline store business and asked for an e-store solution. We analysed their customers, categories, products and various assortment of the same product and transform all offline store records in the online store business.

It is a custom e-commerce apps solutions to manage their categories, products, various assortments, customers, orders, etc. Now, It helps them to minimise their offline records. They get instantly notified with each new registration, orders and feedback.

We delivered customised, cost-efficient, scalable, and market-ready apps.

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What Did We Solve?


As the client operated his daily off-line business, it was a little hard to keep track of customers, products, orders, etc.

They find it difficult to expand their business after several decades. We analysed and identified some outstanding challenges to make online estore which are as follow...

  • Product Assortment
  • Block/Unblock App User
  • Dynamic Dashboard, User Type
  • Apps User Order Assortment Update
  • Order Management
  • Product Price Hiding Strategy
  • Notification Level Various Control
  • Custom Notification (SMS, Email, & WhatsApp)

How Did We Solve?

Our Solutions

We delivered an android mobile app and operator web panel to expand business across PAN India. We customised it from scratch based on the requirement.

We provided a customised, cost-efficient, scalable, and market-ready app solution. For the site admin, we develop a customised category, products, assortments, notifications, and other e-store features. For the app users, we develop view categories, brands, products and their classification, place orders, receive delivery updates, track purchases and other diverse features.

Now, the platform helps them to reach a bigger business market and can track each record. It reduces the daily burden of orders and managing them efficiently.

Customised from scratch based on the requirement

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