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Client words

“We have taken a very collaborative approach, and they come up with a smart solution. Cloudedots really helped us transform our business into the digital space. ”

- Mr.Sushil Agarwal
(MD, Saarthi Pedagogy)


Mobile, Web, Graphics


Angular, NodeJS, Ionic, MongoDB


India’s first company to inculcate 100% rote-free learning. Saarthi Pedagogy is committed to adding fun to learning. They are specialized in the teachers' training domain and leading to academic partnerships, learning apps, and academic publications.

We provide cost-efficient and scalable customize apps solutions.

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It is a very simple and unique solution for teaching & learning management for the current education system that they provide their clients. The system we designed and developed as per the customer requirement helps to manage the content and other related things using our standard cross-platform app solutions.

It also helps their users to manage daily activities in the school for teaching and learning. The school admin, principal, teachers and parents can see the progress in teaching and learning and evaluate the performance of the student and teacher too. This way they can monitor the learning and teaching outcomes of the school.

Simple and Unique Solution For Teaching & Learning Management




  • PPAP Framework (Pre-Test, Presentation, Activity, and Post-Test)
  • Teacher Incentive
  • Question Bank & Paper Generation
  • Autogenerated Worksheet
  • Academic Supervision
  • Online Test
  • License Generator & Activation
  • Multiple School Management
  • CRM Management
  • Audio, Video, & Documents For Teaching & Learning Solution

Our Team Took The Challenge & Played A Good Role To Finish It Successfully

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Our Solutions

We have provided a one-stop solution for the current education system to them that can provide rote-free learning and teaching system. The School Web App, Teacher, & Student/Parent Mobile App are providing beautiful interaction solutions for teaching, learning and analyzing performance.

Currently, 80+ schools are using this platform with 10,000+ students and 2000+ teachers in Gujarat, Karnataka, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh. We tried to give the maximum results and stretched our expertise to provide them with the best solutions as per their requirements.


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