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Client words

“ We have 6 branches in a different zone in Gujarat. We are using Cloudedots "Restro" customized cross-platform solutions for our restaurant business. It is ready to use, simple to set up. And the best thing is they can customize as per our requirements. "

- Mr. Ruchit Goswami &
Mr. Ankit Nanda (Founder)


Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Web Browser


Angular, Electron, NodeJS, MongoDB


House of Size Zero is a Cafe / Restro based in Rajkot. They provide various kinds of tasty foods to their customers with a unique theme and they have a franchise module with an outspread menu that is fairly priced, It's definitely worth a visit more than once. Visit here in the company of friends and family for lip-smacking food and some fun times.

We reduced the gap between Sizezero and its franchise partners using proven technology.

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Restaurant / cafe


It is a very simple and unique customized solution for the single and franchise-based restaurant and cafe. We have provided a complete cloud solution to our clients where they can get all the information in one place.

The owner of the House of Size Zero can remotely operate all their franchise In the web app. Likewise, the franchise owner of Size Zero outlet can also check all the details in their respective apps. The manager of the franchise of Size Zero can check and update the food menu, take order for the table, print "KOT and bills and etc."

We have tried to give them fully customized solutions from ground 0 to N. Now, They are managing all their things simple by one click on the web or in the desktop app without any hassle.

Simple & Unique Solution For Restaurant Management

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Restaurant / cafe


  • Royalty Mechsm For Franchises.
  • Customize Rooms & Tables View.
  • Dynamic Food Menu Setup.
  • POS, KOT, GST & Takeaway Management.
  • Booking & Reservation Management.

Our Team Took The Challenge & Played A Good Role To Finish It Successfully

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Restaurant / cafe

Our Solutions

We reduced the gap between Size Zero and its Franchises using proven technology solutions. They need a technology solution which can manage their restaurant day to day operation for their various branches and can do operations from anywhere. They need solutions for managing branches, royalty mechsms, menu and so on.

We have studied their requirements and give them the best solution to manage their all tasks with a cloud app solution. When they start they have only 2 branches but now they have 6 branches and the new one is in waiting to open. "We believe in satisfaction of the client's requirement as they need and we add some add-on with simplicity to manage it the easy way."

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