SMV Green Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The existing manual rickshaw pullers to electronic rickshaw owner and eliminate the drudgery of cycle rickshaw pulling.
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Enabling rickshaw-pullers to embrace electric vehicles

How SMV Trusted Cloudedots App Development Services To Make Their Ideas Into Reality.

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What was the problem statement?


SMV Green Solutions is a Varanasi based Electronic Vehicle Company that offers affordable, clean and safe mobility in the last mile transportation. SMV Green Solutions founded in 2015 after successfully making 1500+ rickshaw pullers owner of the manual rickshaw through deferred payment model.

They have faced many problems to run the business day to day operations. Naveen Krishna sir and his investors eagerly waiting for a system that can transparent their operations preciously every day.

They founded us online and share their concern to give a unique customise a solution that can ease their operations. They have tried some ERP and CRM solutions from different vendors but not satisfied as they required.

They are a manufacturer of EV Auto call Vahini. They have 8+ branches in various location in India. They have in house sales, collection, and service team.

We provided them with complete apps solutions for mobile and web apps that can bring data to their desk beautifully. Thanks to Ashutosh sir and their team members to appreciate our team members efforts.

To provide affordable, clean, and safe mobility means for both drivers and commuters in the last mile transportation in the way eliminating the drudergy of manual cycle rickshaw pulling.

Case Study

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  1. User Roles Management
  2. User Management
  3. Branch Management
  4. Inventory Items Management
  5. HR Policies
  6. Leave Applications
  7. Leave Management
  1. Reimbursement Claims
  2. Reimbursement Management
  3. My Query
  4. Query Management
  5. Data Representational Dashboard and Analytical Views
  6. Reports (Modules Wise)
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What is the purpose of Business Automation Apps?


It is a customised apps solution that perform day to day operations of their orgsation digitally in various platforms to collect data and present visually on the respective dashboards. It helps their directors, managers, investors and team members to track various operations that guide them to take necessary actions based on importance.

It has features like User Mgmt., Branch Mgmt., Sales Mgmt., Field Investigation, Customer Mgmt., Product Mgmt., HR Mgmt., Collection Mgmt., Purchase Mgmt., Inventory Mgmt., Service Mgmt., etc. The system specially designed to track the day to day operation of various performers and can add good values in their services.

We provided user-friendly apps, which meets their day to day operations effectively based on their requirements

What did we Solve?


  • Dynamic User Role Mgmt.
  • On-Filed Visit Tracking
  • No Clear Tracks of New Customers
  • Difficult To Manage Stock Manually
  • Track Records & its Timings
  • Unable To Get Clear Information About Customer Details, Payment, Instalment Dues, Total Outstanding, Sales, and Other Business Data.
  • Field Investigation
  • Back-Office Mgmt.
  • No Clear Tracks of Working Staff
  • Collections & Instalment Mgmt.
  • Syncing Records Offline to Online
As the client was operating its day to day business process manually, It was difficult to keep record of the sales, field investigation, collection, customer auto service, human resource, etc.
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How did we Solve it?

Our Solutions

Cloudedots delivered prominent mobile and web apps solutions, which provides automated day to day business operation based on user defined roles and responsibilities and fulfil their work records. Our customise solution has provided the client and its users in the following ways:

We have provided them dynamic solution to control and access based on role-wise. It is fully customised based on their needs and give them access to record and track all the day to day operations in a prominent way in their domain.

Currently, they run our solutions in 8+ branches and 12+ team members in each branch. We have delivered required solution successfully to reduce their manual efforts and perform all operations digitally.

  • We transformed entire manual process digitally.
  • The field investigation can be tracked in real-time.
  • The inventory stock can be tracked in real-time.
  • Rapid registration process for a new customers.
  • User friendly tasks management.
  • Tailored and automated its entire business process.

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