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Need Database & API Solutions

What are our expertises?

  • To provide dynamic data of your business
  • To process logic and calculation in server-side
  • To store history of user data
  • To analyse user data whenever required
  • To manage API & Microservices
  • To automate integration process
  • To cache data locally and offload queries
  • To connect various data call through JSON

Why choose us?

  • We have expert team members.
  • Our goal is to transform your project into reality.
  • We are passionate, dedicated and highly energetic dots.
  • We have expert team members.
  • We understand your need and give the best solutions.
  • We have turned good amount of tech projects idea into fully automated.
  • We have some great abilities to customize your business operations smartly.

Our Work

What we have done?

You will see the beauty of our experts dedication and energy in projects.

How did they pursue their business by trusting upon us for database & backend API solutions?

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portfolio of cloudedots for saarthi pedagogy
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portfolio of cloudedots for ecommerce
Android  |  Web


What are our expertises?

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What we offer?

We transform your complex database into a simple and robust API which provides better user experience to your consumers.

Database Development

We deliver custom Database & Back-end solutions for simpler and complex app solutions.

API Management

We create, deploy, and manage application programming interface in a secure and scalable level.

Data Storage App

We store relational data in a cloud-based distributed Database & Back-end system and scale your business data as you required.

Data Migration to Cloud

We help you to migrate the Database & Back-end system to public, private, and hybrid clouds as per your needs.

Back-end Connectors

We collect data from various sources, transform the data depending on business rules/needs and load the data into a destination Database & Back-end.

Enterprise Services

We provide solutions for various protocols like REpresentational State Transfer (REST), and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) over HTTP web service for enterprise business solutions.

Our Development Process

How we develop?

We interact with the client and communicate to have a complete requirement. We do detailed research about the idea, try to simulate it on a piece of paper and make a prototype.

We finalize documentation and design including every minor detail of each process. Once we get confirmation from you, We start developing the code in such a manner that satisfies your needs.

We are doing two approaches for testing, First on the development stage. Second, we do the test when we go to deploy.

Everything starts with an idea and a right execution plan.

app solution idea of cloudedots
Conceptual Design
DBMS Selection
Model Mapping

Application For

What we serve?

We understand your backend need and customize our service to fullfil your requirement greatly. You can look our other services:

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